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Monday, January 10, 2005

Releasing version 3.0

We're releasing Easy Projects .NET (EPNET) 3.0 today. This will be the last version which doesn't take full advantage of ORM. The next release (namely, 3.1) will introduce a whole new architecture with transparent persistence, very-very-very improved performance, and what not :)

Behind the scenes, EPNET 3.1 will use our in-house product, Mirrorm (reflective ORM). It concludes our experience in developing n-tier applications for the .NET framework and has already been used and proved reliable in a number of solutions.
In the next posts I'll show how a sophisticated software product may benefit from using an ORM framework, such as Mirrorm.

Version 3.1 of EPNET will mainly be a refactoring release where we will solve the problems that are now before us:
1) Performance
2) Scalability (there will be a Windows.Forms client for EPNET sometime)
3) Customization ease


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